Row Level Security Using Parameter in Google Data Studio

saw this on twitter (Thanks Pablo), and I had an idea of using Regex_Match as currently comparing dimension does not work !!!

How RLS Works in Data Studio

Data Studio support RLS using google account ( can work with any email address not only gmail), so when you login using your account, Data Studio get your email adress which is unique to you, then you can use that email to filter rows .

in Some cases, maybe you want to implement security using username/Password, it turn out using parameter, it is trivial to implement, notice we are using Google sheet as a data Source, if you need more control, using SQL Parameter is even more Powerful

Warning : Storing password as plain text is dangerous

now for a very simple scenario, you have data and you want people to have access only to some rows

1- Create two parameters

usernameParameter and PasswordParameter

let’s start with usernameParameter, it has to be any value, and default value null or none etc

do the same for PasswordParameter

2- Create calculated field RLSfilter

basically, if both the values typed in the parameter control match then return 1 else 0

3- Create a Filter using the calculated field RLSfilter

4- Apply the filter to Visual

go to file, report setting, and add the filter, so it will automatically apply to all the visual in your report, or you can apply to every visual where it make sense only ( you may have multiple dataset where it does not apply)

you can add an image on the filter control to hide the password when the user type it.

You can see the report here


This RLS apply at the report level, it means report editors can see everything.

if you want the report editors not to have total access, then you need to push down the filter upstream, either using email, or leveraging SQL Parameter in BigQuery


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