Drill Down to Another Page in Google Data Studio

Edit : 28 November 2020, there is an easy way without using parameter

Drill down to another page is a well known technique in BI software, you have a main page with aggregate data, and you can select one category then drill down to another page with more details and keeping the filter selection.

Data Studio does not support this functionality natively but we can simulated using parameter URL

in this example, we will drill down from Country to cities

1- Create a country parameter

2- add a new Page

the first report will show data at the country level, like this

make sure interaction is one

3- Go to Resource, Manage Report URL Parameter

4- Allow to be modified in report URL

tick the option on, you can edit the parameter to remove ds1.drillcountry to drillcountry

5- Build the URL

that’s the main part of the post, create a new calculated field using this forumula


the first part is the second tab URL address , drillcountry is the parameter name as written in step 4, country is the field you are filtering on

6- create a Table

add this field in a table visual and limit the result to 1 row

7-Create a second calculated field to filter using parameter

currently you can’t use parameter in visual filter, instead we will use a dummy filter

8-Filter the visual in the second page

and that’s all, unfortunately as of Sept 2020, the URL by default will open a new tab

the report is here


5 thoughts on “Drill Down to Another Page in Google Data Studio”

  1. I am trying to replicate this report but I am not getting the filtered report on the second page. Can you provide the edited version of this report or share me this report with editing rights. I need to see what I am doing wrong


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