Poor man’s snapshot using PowerBI Dataflow

It is a quick Hack and maybe useful, let’s say you want to keep a snapshot of a previous data, for example you have a dimension table and you want to see how the data has changed between multiple load.

This Scenario was famously hard to do in PowerBI, because when you load a table a into PowerBI Database, by default it will overwrite the existing data, there is an option for incremental refresh, but it assume your data change daily or at least regularly.

The canonical solution for this scenario nowadays is to attach a workspace to an Azure Storage, unfortunately, it is very problematic for a couple of of reasons

– Business users don’t usually have access to Azure Resources.

– As of today, a PowerBI admin need to opt for that Option, which apply for all Workspace Admins, it would have being easier if that option can be granted to only some Workspace Admins.

XMLA End Point

The Idea is very simple.

  • Getting already Loaded Data from a PowerBI using XMLA Endpoint ( See this blog for how to use it).
  • Load the new data using a Dataflow.
  • In the Same Dataflow you can append only the new Data, or any operation you want ( like merging new Data), it is very flexible, it can use any attribute not only Date
  • Just make sure there is a lag between Dataflow refresh and PowerBI Dataset refresh

Dataflow Should be Better

The Obvious Question ? because Dataflow keep snapshots of recent loads, why we need the extra step of attaching an Azure Storage, why not exposing this data using some extra option in the UI.

I think after all this years, it is time for Dataflow to tackle more use cases, can we have an option to append Data instead of overwrite ? or why not an easy to use upsert.

PowerBI made Data Modeling nearly trivial, Hopefully Dataflow can make Enterprise ETL available for everyone.

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