Load Data to PowerBI Push Dataset using Easymorph

Easymorph is a very Powerful Data preparation tools for Business users, you can export your results either to csv or a growing list of Database and PowerBI Push dataset

I think with the new composite Models, the Push Dataset became rather interesting as it behave more or less like a regular  Dataset (see limitation here), you can add relationship to other Tables etc

No Code Data Pipeline

Just to test it, I loaded 7 csv files, then the usual Transformation, filters, select columns, Unpivot then I generated two PowerBI Dataset, Fact and Dimension.

As Push Dataset are append by default, I first delete all the rows in PowerBI dataset before loading new data, just to avoid duplicates, the third export is a csv file ( I wish one day, PowerQuery will have that option without using hacks)

and here is the Model in the service

PowerBI Support

there two type of Support

Power BI Command

You can list workspace, refresh Dataset and Dataflow etc, see Documentation

Export Data to PowerBI

Microsoft provide only API for Push Dataset, see Documentation

Easymorph has a very generous free tier, and The license is reasonable, I think it is worth having a look.

PowerBI has to be more Open

Personally I think PowerBI will gain more by being more open to third party tools, I hope one day , The Vertipaq engine will be as open as SQL Server in the sense that any tools can write and read data, it is a database after all. I am not suggesting to make it open source or free, you obviously still need to pay for a license, for example Adding a PowerBI Rest API for regular dataset will be a good start.

Now maybe dreaming, but when I see file format like Parquet, I wonder why we don’t have an Open API to load and read from Vertipaq engine Storage format, it has an amazing compression, it is columnar and support multiple schema in the same dataset.

Marco Russo has expressed this idea more gracefully here


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