Is Google Data Studio Ready for Complex Business Reports ?

 I love Google data Studio, I am using it for this project and it is perfect for this use case.

For other Dashboard at Work, I am using PowerBI, for no reason, I tried a new experiment, can GDS be used instead, it is an academic exercise only.
the use case is a typical Business Reports, a lot of different small datasets with different granularity , something like budget vs items sold etc.

I am just recording the pain points in GDS , the good thing, most of them are under development, and some of them overlap, for example if we have Parameters controls, probably, there will be less need for blending ( which is very limited at the moment).

it is not a critique, GDS has some killer features, I particular like custom visuals as there are no limit the number of data plotted which is a pain in other Software.

the assumption is all the data-sources is already loaded and cleaned and ready to be analysed in BigQuery.

TL,DR : the pain points are at the Calculation level , Obviously if all you data is at the same granularity, then everything is easy
my conclusion, nearly there !!!, but will revise when Parameter controls are supported.

Instead of Writing a full blog, I thought showing a report is a more practical approach


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