Why Datamart is a Big Deal

My previous blog about Datamart was based on my daily work, but with the official release of the preview, Microsoft made datamart available in Premium per user License, it happen I have my personal tenant, and what an opportunity to take an advantage of the free 2 month free trial.

Full Online experience

I have some data already available in BigQuery, one thing I notice, I did not thought about dataset at all when I built the report, I had Datamart open in one tab and the report in another.

here is an overview of all components used (PowerBI lineage View is a killer feature)

And the final report

I Built a report too to capture the SQL Queries generated by the first report

most of the Queries render under 1 second, that’s not bad at all for a Fact table with 80 millions records !!!

here is a link for the public report, the data was not updated since 2 days as incremental refresh is broken ( bug filled already)

No vertipaq ?

No vertipaq was involved in the previous report, The auto generated dataset is using Direct Query mode, the user click on a visual, DAX Engine translate the DAX Query and generate SQL which is served by Datamart SQL DB !!!!

Vertipaq is Cool, why use something else ?

Vertipaq has a fundamental flaw, it is simply too fast, the original designers sacrificed a lot of features just to get maximum speed, which is a brilliant decision when you work with a smaller dataset and data that does not change very often ( which is 99.99 % of my daily workload), but it does not support, out of memory operation, if the size of your data compressed is bigger than the RAM, out of luck,and stuff life columns elimination are not supported, in Vertipaq everything is loaded in memory either used or not, again the right choice for extreme speed.

is Vertipaq dead ?

No, again for a simple reason, it is the best engine for the most common workload available in the market, Marco famously said it, PowerBI is successful because most models fit in memory

So why it is a big deal

Microsoft is simply being proactive , a lot of customers especially in the tech sector have higher expectations, they want everything, Good enough latency (it does not need to be in ms), freshness and lower cost, and Vertipaq is not the right answers for all situations, and the first implementation of that Vision is Datamart a fully decoupled architecture where the semantic layer is fully separated from the Execution Engine, yes PowerBI already supported Direct Query, but this is an offering where it is the default mode.

You don’t need a lot of imagination to guess that nothing stop Microsoft from using another SQL Engine, maybe a massive MPP or something like that.

So, what is PowerBI ? I think it is just the DAX Engine, you can pick your Compute Engine, and probably a lot of users will still stick to vertipaq, but we will have the choice, very low latency with smaller data size or good enough latency with a bigger data size.


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