The simplest way to merge Multiple Tables in Google Data Studio

Assume you have multiple Data Source and you can’t build a conformed dimension ( IT people like to used it to sound smart, it simply means common field 🙂 and you want to merge the results using a common field, notice every table contains different values of the same field, and before you get excited, filtering does not work except for Dates

we have three Tables, Budget, Actual and Baseline, the common field is Category and commodity

And you want this Final Results

Notice that the category Civil exist only in forecast, and instrumentation, mechanical, electrical exist only in the Table Budget, how to show the results in the same Visual

Full Outer Join for the win

the trick is to join the tables using full joins so not values get dropped

which give you this results

Obviously, you want only 1 column Category not three, too easy just add a column in the table calculation using the function coalesce

unfortunately as of this writing you can’t add a dimension in the results of a blending, it has to be in the Visual, which means, you can’t use that common dimension in filters, which make this approach not very useful to be honest.

I added a link to the report, which contains other approach for the same problem, if you are still reading, it is really unfortunate, Blending is very powerful but it needs constant improvements from the product team


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